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Best In Class


#T.E.A.C.H. is the SMART Pathway to Teacher Certification Program in the State of Indiana. Utilizing a Residency model, #T.E.A.C.H. immerses aspiring

teachers — residents — in the best practices of the field.

Residency Model

Utilizing this model,  we are able to ensure that you are truly prepared for success when you take full responsibility for your class.  Our use of Cooperating Teachers, Instructional Coaches and Directors of Instruction help ensure that you are surrounded by caring professionals whose sole purpose is to ensure your  success and the success of the students in your care.

Anywhere Anytime Learning



With the exception of methods courses which are offered in a blended learning format,  our courses are fully online and can be accessed anywhere anytime, based on your  schedule. This flexibility makes learning easy for the busy professional.

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A Proven Model


Our model is deeply rooted in best practices and includes a residency model that is known to be effective in preparing quality teachers.  

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